10 Ways to help you Speed Muscle Recovery

10 Proven Ways to Speed Muscle Recovery

So you are here after having a good workout and feeling pain the next day in your body. So you are in the right place. We will help you with some point that will fast your muscle recovery process. These muscle recovery method will help you prevent any injuries in near future. Moreover, using this method will also improve your lifestyle.

What is Muscle Recovery?

The proper definition of muscle recovery is :
When you do some kind of physical exercises, which put your muscle under stress. If stress is high i,e heavy lifting or endurance exercises like running and jogging.  it damages the muscle fibres, causing them to break apart. During recovery, these fibres heal stronger than they were before, which in turn, make your muscles stronger.

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Various Ways to boost your Muscle Recovery

  1. Stay Hydrated

    You must be aware of how important it is to be hydrated all day long. Keeping your body fluid intact will keep you active and cool your body temperature. If you are working out it very important to have your fluid intake in good volume because it will help in your recovery, as fluids are easier to digest than any food article. A normal human should drink at least 8 gallons of water each day, not counting the water intake during the workout.

  2. 7-8 Hours Of Deep Sleep 

    We already know that muscle is grown and recovered while we sleep. Study conduct with help of a few volunteers suggests that in deep sleep, the muscle recovery rate is very high. Therefore, it is advised to have a good sleep of at least 7-8 hours. A piece of advice to not use any technology 1 hour prior to your sleeping time. The main aim is to not put a burden on your body.

  3. A Good Warm up before exercise

    A good exercise often depends on 2 things. 1st is dedication and 2nd is a good warmup season. Good warmup and stretching are sometimes more important than the main workout. Taking five minutes to complete an effective warmup can help to minimise delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and decrease any risk of injury. Doing an exercise like a push-up, pull-up, or squats will build your muscle and stretch your muscle fibre.

  4. Cooldown season after a workout

    Sure a good warmup is necessary but having a cooldown season is as important sometimes even more because it helps you slow down your blood pressure after a HIIT season. You can have some static stretching exercises with the help of a resistance band or foam roller.

  5. Consume Protein

    Proteins are building block of the human body and consumption of protein is one the most part of an essential part in a diet. However, there are different types of protein and we should consume according to their type. Like in the case of Isolate/Whey protein should be consumed right after a workout and consume casein before sleeping, because casein is a slow-digesting protein.

  6. Ice Bath

    The ice bath is great for stopping inflation after a workout. If you can’t have and ice bath, you can use an ice pack, it will do the same task but will consume more time. Use Ice just after having an injury. it will reduce your pain and inflation.

  7. Steam/Sauna Bath

    Steam bath removes all the stress and clears the pores of the skin. Have a bathing session of 15-20 min is great for mental and physical health. An additional tip, have a stram session after having an ice bath, it will increase your recovery rate.
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  8. Muscle Tape

    Muscle tapes are great for providing additional support and help in relieving pain. These are commonly used by sportsman after having light injuries or to provide help with existing pain.

  9. Get a Massage

    Try having a massage after a few workout session is always a good treat for your body. There are a few different types of massage you can have like cupping, chiropractic massage, or a basic massage at the nearby physiotherapist.

  10. Skip hard-drinks

    booze delays the process of recovering and also worse the inflation with might cause more damage to your existing muscle. Moreover, drinking is bad for health and cause more mental stress than physical.


These are the method that will help your muscle recovery to be a bit faster. but that doesn’t change the fact, one must take all precautionary method before so that it doesn’t cause any injuries.

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