Best Protein Powder For Muscle Building And Fat Loss

Best Protein Powder For Muscle Building And Fat Loss

Due to our hectic schedule. We are often not able to consume necessary micros and macros. In which consumption of protein plays an important role. In addition to that, sometimes people do not want to consume additional fats and carbs which come with protein in a diet. Most of the people find it difficult while selecting which is the best protein powder. Mainly because for each body type and type of workout there is a different protein powder.

So we are here for your rescue. We will help you tell which is the best protein powder in the market. We will help you identify the protein you need according to your diet and body type. For Example Best tasting protein powder, best keto protein powder, best pea protein powder, best protein powder for diabetics, best vegan protein powder for bodybuilding, and best low carbs protein powder.

Types Of Whey Protein

As we know whey protein are the by-product of milk. When milk is pasteurized whey is the purest form of protein which is extracted. We mush also know, that whey is also of a different type:

  • Whey protein concentrate: The percentage of protein in WPC depends on how concentrated it is. Lower end concentrates tend to have 30 per cent protein and higher end up to 90 per cent. It usually has low levels of fat and low levels of carbohydrates.
  • Whey protein isolate:  they are further processed to remove all the fat and lactose. WPI is usually at least 90 per cent protein.
  • Whey protein hydrolysate: Regarded to be the “predigested” form of whey protein as it has already undergone partial hydrolysis. hydrolysis is defined as a process necessary for the body to absorb protein. WPH doesn’t require as much digestion as the other two forms of whey protein.

Best Protein Powder

We will tell best protein powder in each segment, which sure you can consider while buying. So that we can help you find the answer, what is the best protein powder?

Best Vegan Protein Powder

As all of us know that, whey is a by-product of milk. People who follow vegan diet can’t consume it. So keeping that in mind, we have gathered the best protein shake which can be consumed by veganism. Who would like to have a great body while continuing a vegan diet?

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  • Pea Protein: It is one of the best vegan protein, unlike others it is not made of sweet green peas but from their higher-protein cousins, yellow split peas.
    It is usually made by isolating the protein from yellow split peas, which forms a beige powder.
    Nutrition value:

      1. Calories: 80
      2. Protein: 15 grams
      3. Carbs: 1 gram
      4. Fibre: 1 gram
      5. Total fat: 1.5 grams
      6. Sodium: 230 mg
      7. Iron: 5 mg
        Here are 5 Best Pea Protein Powder available.
  • Hemp Seeds: These brown seeds are very tiny, but are considered to be super-food. Because they are rich in protein, fibre, and healthful fatty acids, including omega-3s and omega-6s. They have antioxidant effects and may reduce symptoms of numerous ailments, improving the health of the heart, skin, and joints.
    Hemp seeds comes from the cannabis plant but contains very little amount of the compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is usually found in marijuana. Despite that, it sure won’t make you high like marijuana.
    Nutrition value:

    1. Protein: 9.47 g
    2. Carbohydrates: 2.60 g
    3. Fat: 1.20 g
    4. Total fatty acids: 14.62 g
    5. Monounsaturated fatty acids: 1.62 g
    6. Polyunsaturated fat: 11.43 g
    7. Saturated fatty acids: 1.38 g
      Here are 5 Best Hemp Seeds Protein Powder available.


  • Brown Rice Protein: As the name suggests these are the protein derived from brown rice. The best thing is that it is very easy to buy and are relativity cheap.
    Due to less research about brown rice protein, a strong conclusion is yet missing but scientist confirmed that rice protein contains all of the essential amino acids. On the contrast, rice protein is too low in lysine to be a complete protein.
    Nutrition value: Per  100g

      1. Calories: 384
      2. Protein: 81 grams
      3. Carbs: 63 gram
      4. Fibre: 3.1 gram
      5. Total fat: 5.3 grams
        Here are 5 Best Brown Rice Protein Powder available.
  • Soy Protein: Soy having highest protein per ratio of around 52g per 100g. It is complete protein, having all the essential BCAA’s. Soy is also a good replacement of cottage cheese as a source rich protein.
    Nutrition value: per 28g

    1. Calories: 95
    2. Fat: 1 gram
    3. Carbs: 2 grams
    4. Fiber: 1.6 grams
    5. Protein: 23 grams
    6. Iron: 25% of the Daily Value (DV)
    7. Phosphorus: 22% of the Daily Value
    8. Copper: 22% of the DV
    9. Manganese: 21% of the Daily Value
      Here are 3 Best Protein Powder which contain Soy available.


  • Chia Protein: We have always been advice to add chia seeds in our protein shake or diet. Because it has many benefits, For Example:contains all 9 essential amino acids, Abundant in B vitamins and minerals, High in fiber, which supports healthy digestion.
    Nutrition value: per 28g

    1. Fiber: 11 grams.
    2. Protein: 4 grams.
    3. Fat: 9 grams (5 of which are omega-3s).
    4. Calcium: 18% of the RDI.
    5. Manganese: 30% of the RDI.
    6. Magnesium: 30% of the RDI.
    7. Phosphorus: 27% of the RDI.
    8. They also contain a decent amount of zinc, vitamin B3 (niacin), potassium, vitamin B1 (thiamine) and vitamin B2.
      Here are Best Chia Protein Powder available.


Best Low Carb Protein Powder

Main reason to use Protein Powder is to consume less calories, but still there are some  powder which are rich in fat and calories, too increase weight. On the other hand, most of us want to have low carb protein powder. While they want to loose weight or have proper muscle cutting.

  • Whey Protein Isolate: As you know, we get 2 type of protein from dairy i.e Whey and Casein. In Whey also there are some type, in which Isolate has the perfect blend of price and quality of protein. Isolate Powder has more quality protein than concentrate and is cheaper than hydro.
    Nutrition value: usually has 90-95% protein in as compared to 70-90% in concentration per scope.
    Here are Best Low Carb Protein Powder available.


  • Casein Protein: This is the 2nd type of protein extracted from dairy. Casein is often regarded as turtle in the race between casein and whey. Because casein take time to digest as compared to whey.
    We should consume casein early in the morning of right before you sleep. The process of extracting casein is same as with whey. In addition to that, casein are good source of of calcium, an important mineral your body needs for bone health, muscle contractions and blood clotting.
    Nutrition value: usually has 80-95% protein per scoop.
    Here are Best Low Carb Casein Protein Powder available.


  • EGG protein: Eggs are the one best source of pure protein. Moreover, there availability and cheap price attracts everyone. Eggs contain all the essential vitamins and minerals and other important nutrients like choline, which is important for proper brain and nervous system functioning.
    There are 2 types of eggs protein powder. 1st has only egg white as the main raw material and 2nd has both egg white and egg yolks.
    Nutrition value: Egg protein which has both egg white and egg yolk is more nutritious than egg protein with only egg white.
    Here are Best EGG Protein Powder available.


  • Collagen Protein: Collagen has the most perfect structural composition of protein. Which is very good for our skin, bone strength, joints ,and organs. You can easily consume collagen by hydrolyzed collagen peptides, which is in the form of powder.
    Collagen protein powders, which are derived from the connective tissues of animals and fish, may offer unique health benefits.
    Nutrition value: Vitamin C, Proline, Glycine, and Copper.
    Here are Best Collagen Protein Powder available.


Best Keto Protein Powder

Keto diet has always been very difficult to follow, because it opposite to what we are taught. We were told that fat is that unwanted piece in a diet which we need to remove. But in keto fats are the most important source of energy not carbohydrate. Maybe this is the reason for keto diet being so much effective. As our body doesn’t have carbs they start using fats as the source of energy which is stored in our body.

Most of the people also use keto protein as an replacement for their breakfast, because it taste good and is easy to prepare.

You can use Collagen Protein powder while in keto, because they have various health benefits.

here are also some other Best Protein Powder for keto diet


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