German Volume Training Routine Guide

German Volume Training Routine

In the 1960s after the economic miracle in Germany. The German national team came with a unique method to build up muscle. Most of us know that muscle-building happens when you put stress on your muscle. German volume training is a kind of training in which you pushes your daily endurance training to a whole new level.

In German volume training, we do only 2-3 exercises but the sets are 10X10. In which we do 1 exercise but for 10 sets, which put great stress in your muscle. Having a less rest time also give some benefits of HIIT training. However, it requires a good stretching season before and cools down season after the workout to prevent injuries.

A Sample german volume exercise looks like. 10 sets of body-weight lunges and 10 sets of legs extension, with 30-sec rest between the sets. You can either do two exercises of the same muscle group or an adjoining muscle group.

German Volume Training Routine

Here is a one workout sample for a german volume training:

DayMuscle GroupExercise
Day 1 – Chest and BackPrimary- Chest and back
Secondary- Arms and Shoulder
Bench Press: 10 x 10
Pull-Ups: 10 x 10
Deadlift: 10 x 10
Dumbbell Flys: 10 x 10
Day 2 – Legs and AbsPrimary-Legs And AbsBack Squat: 10 x 10
Dumbbell Lunges: 10 x 10
Calf Raises: 10 x 10
Weighted Sit Up: 10 x 10
Day 3 – Arms and ShouldersPrimary- Arms and Shoulders
Secondary-Wrist, Forearm
Military Press: 10 x 10
Bicep Curls: 10 x 10
Tricep Pull Down : 10 x 10
Upright Rows: 10 x 10

this is one many examples of a german volume exercise. we will provide exercise routine in future.

German Volume Terminologies:

Here are some important terminologies, which you will come across while following this routine.

Take proper rest: 

The most important part, yet the most neglected part is not taking proper rest. It is not just about taking rest of 30 sec in between exercises but also having proper rest period outside the gym. Moreover, researches have shown that dynamic stretching in between sets helps prevent injuries.

Keep your self hydrated:

German volume training is a very demanding form of exercise, which result in dehydration. Usually, one should drink at least 8 gallons of water but should not include the water consumed between the exercises. As it helps with dropping body heat temperature and blood pressure but also helps to get proper minerals. Some people might not like to drink water in between the sets are advised to drink BCAA’s, because they have flavours.

Don’t Over do it:

You are already pushing yourself to your limit because GVT is not like your everyday exercise routine. GVT can be devising sometime, thinking that either there are just 3 exercise or the exercises are only bodyweight. However, you are having a great toll in your body, so remember to take it slowly.

Keeping the tempo:

If you want to achieve your goal, you need to push your self from your comfort zone. Not taking too much rest in between, trying more compound exercise, or eating healthy which might not taste good are some of the barriers.

We have made a tailor made German volume 10-day routine for you.

Day 1: Chest and Back     
A1Incline Barbell Press10540X0100 sec.
A2Lean-Away Chin-up10540X0100 sec.
B1Parallel Bar Dip32020-08-06 00:00:0040X090 sec.
B2One-Arm Arc Dumbbell Row32020-08-06 00:00:0040X090 sec.
Day 2: Legs
A1Back Squat10540X0100 sec.
A2Lying Leg Curl – feet pointing away10540X0100 sec.
B1Dumbbell Lunge32020-08-06 00:00:0030X090 sec.
B2Romanian Deadlift32020-08-06 00:00:0040X090 sec.
Day 3: Off
Day 4: Arms
A1Incline Off-Set Dumbbell Curl10530X0100 sec.
A2Close-Grip Bench Press10530X0100 sec.
B1Thick-Bar Reverse Curl32020-08-06 00:00:0030X090 sec.
B2Seated EZ-Bar French press32020-08-06 00:00:0030X090 sec.
Day 5: Off
Day 6: Chest and Back
A130-Degree Incline Barbell Press10540X0100 sec.
A2Close Parallel Grip Chin-Up10540X0100 sec.
B1Flat Dumbbell Press32020-08-06 00:00:0040X090 sec.
B2One-Arm Elbowing Rows32020-08-06 00:00:0030X090 sec.
The elbow comes out to the side, as if you were elbowing someone in the chops
Day 7: Legs
A1Front Squat – heel-elevated10540X0100 sec.
A2Lying Leg Curl – feet inward10530X0100 sec.
B1Farmer's Walk350 yd.90 sec.
B2Glute-Ham Raise32020-08-06 00:00:0040X090 sec.
Day 8: Off
Day 9: Arms
A1Seated Zottmann Curl10530X0100 sec.
A2Low Decline Close-Grip Bench Press10530X0100 sec.
B1Scott Bench Close-Grip Reverse Curl32020-08-06 00:00:0030X090 sec.
B2Low Pulley French press32020-08-06 00:00:0030X090 sec.
Day 10: Off

You can yourself create a GVT workout on your own. Just pick 2 different compound exercise which target different primary muscle and can have same secondary muscle. Now add few reps and set, with a proper tempo. Just like that you have your own German volume training routine.

All information given is for educational purpose. Please contact your fitness coach before working out.

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